Rustic Metal Bee Huts
Rustic Metal Bee Huts

Rustic Metal Bee Huts

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With a strong architectural aesthetic and an ecological focus, this range from The Woodsman of designer metal bee huts are made with rustic metal and natural organic fibres and timbers. This home is an ideal nesting and rest habitat for Native Australian Soitary bees - the under-appreciated, hardest working ecologists in your backyard!

These bees are solitary, cavity nesters unlike the introduced honey-bee and wasps which are social hive builders... so these homes provide a safe, low maintenance way to support native pollinators, improve your garden or vege patch, practice active conservation and learn about wildlife ecology.

Every The Woodsman Bee Home is handcrafted from up cycled timbers and organic waste, because we believe in using sustainable materials and practices. This unique woodsman home is made from 'urban harvested' timber from the Brisbane region and is filled with discarded, gathered materials including acacia, banksia, bamboo, eucalyptus, bottlebrush, and paperbark.

Small Bee Huts are around 170mm x 120mm and all huts are 130mm deep. 

Large Bee Huts are around 250mm x 220mm. 

Please note that all bee huts vary in colour combinations. If you are after a particular colour way please get in touch and we can send you pictures of the available huts in store.